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(Bob Eberlein, 13 Apr 2008) I have set up a discussion page at http://www.systemdynamics.org/xmile - the first question on the forum is whether or not it will serve our needs. On trying to think of ways to use a Wiki to get to a standard I quickly became convinced that it was just too unstructured. If you are checking this Wiki please go to the forum and provide your input.


(Robert Muetzelfeldt, 14 Apr 2008) As the person who set up this wiki, I am more than happy for people to use whatever medium they prefer. I personally think that a wiki lends itself to rather more structuring than a forum (see the links below), but hey! it's a personal thing. The main thing is that there should be some shared space in which the aims (below) can be met.


This wiki was set up in connection with a proposed roundtable on the same topic at the 2008 Conference of the System Dynamics Society, 20-24th July 2008, in Athens, Greece.


The idea is

  • to extend the period available for discussion before and after the conference,
  • to provide an opportunity for participation for those who cannot attend the conference, and
  • to provide a space in which those who do attend can report back.


If anyone who is actually a member of the SDS would like to take control of a wiki for set up for this purpose, and transfer the contents of this wiki to a different platform, please do feel free to go ahead. Please provide a prominent link on this home page.



"We believe an interchange standard and associated tools should be built on an open standard developed by the contribution of all the interested parties within the field. We see this as crucial for several reasons:

  1. Wide participation will allow many good ideas to emerge and compete. Moreover, contribution by different groups and individuals will help address the needs and concerns of a wider portion of the community.
  2. The development of a complete XMILE will require a substantial amount of time and effort. A high level of participation will ensure that the burden of development is duly shared by the system dynamics community.
  3. One way to foster a high level of participation would be to form a consortium endorsed by the Policy Council of the System Dynamics Society."





Diker, V.G. and Allen, R.B. (2005) XMILE: towards an XML interchange language for system dynamics models. Syst. Dyn. Rev. 21: 351-359


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