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Alphabetical by surname


Name Affiliation Email Interest Planning to attend Athens round-table?
Luis F. Luna-Reyes Universidad de las Américas, Puebla luisf.luna at udlap_mx I'm interested in modeling of socio-technical systems, particularly those related to information systems use and design in government. Yes
Robert Muetzelfeldt

Simulistics Ltd, and

University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics

robertm at ed_ac_uk

I'm interested in developing languages and associated tools for ecological and environmental modelling.   XML and Prolog. No
Magne Myrtveit Dynaplan As magne at myrtveit dot com I am involved in the development of a Dynaplan Smia, a modelling language that is a superset of the "data flow languages" used by spreadsheets and system dynamics. I would like to contribute to the definition of standards for representing models as XML. No
 Len Malczynski  Sandia NAtional Laboratories, USA  lamalcz at sandia.gov  Interested in the software engineering aspects of large models, and the economics of an interchange language  Yes


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