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Roundtable agenda

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In his email of 10th March, Len asked for help in preparing a short agenda for the Athens SDS roundtable.   The draft agenda and comments etc could be developed on this page.   Please feel free to add to or comment on anything on this page.



XMILE expressiveness

Basic System Dynamics? Arrays? Special symbols (ovens, queues, etc)? Hierarchical structure? Discrete-event?


Representation of equations

Plain text? MathML?


Vendor buy-in

How dependent is development of XMILE on support from vendors? (ref Len's 2006 paper)


Lessons from similar initiatives

What can we learn from e.g. the SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language)?


Organisation of the XMILE development process

Core committee? Open or closed process?


Separation of levels

Current XMILE envisages model spec, diagrammatic display, simulation spec, and run-time displays in single document: Is this appropriate? 


Compositional modelling

Do we want to be able to build up composite models from existing models? If so, how should that be done?


Model publishing

How should models be made available on the web? Published as XML documents? Centrally-maintained model database of curated/non-curated models (like BioModels for SBML)?


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