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SMILE_XMILE documents

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System Dynamics Society Newsletter Vol 16 No 1: Spring 2003

Jim Hines: A SMILE for System Dynamics



It’s about Time: The Why and How of Using XML for Developing an Interchange Standard for System Dynamics Models


Vedat G. Diker and Robert B. Allen, 2005


Paper presented at the 2005 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society




This paper discusses the benefits of having an interchange standard for system dynamics models, why XML is a good candidate on which to build such as standard, and how the development process may take place through community-wide participation. The paper also presents XMILE, a prototype model interchange standard, as a proof of the concept.




XMILE: towards an XML interchange language for system dynamics models


Vedat G. Diker and Robert B. Allen, 2006

System Dynamics Review 21: 351-359


We propose that XML should be used as an interchange language for system dynamics models and we have designed and implemented a demonstration that we call XMILE. We believe that there will be many benefits for the system dynamics community in developing a full-scale interchange language. This paper discusses the motivation factors behind the idea of developing an interchange language for system dynamics models, and explains why XML is a good candidate framework. An initial implementation of XMILE is also presented along with initial findings about its applicability to models built on various system dynamics software platforms


We’d rather not XMILE: model interchange standards and software competition

Leonard Malczynski, 2006

Paper presented at the 2006 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society




There have been a number of articles describing the desire, by the system dynamics computer modeling community, to establish a common model exchange language (XL) for system dynamics models. Contrary to the seeming increase in the common good resulting from such an exchange language, as of today, none of the major vendors has stepped forward to implement this exchange language. We propose to demonstrate, within a strategy framework, the consequences of implementing the XL and the reasons why the apparent disinterest shown by the software community in the XL is intrinsic to markets of this type.






SMILE and XMILE: A Common Language and Interchange Format for System Dynamics


Karim Chichakly, 2007


Paper presented at the 2007 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society




Proposed four years ago, SMILE has made minimal progress toward a full-fledged specification that System Dynamics software vendors can use to interchange models. This paper attempts to move the development of the standard one step further with a draft specification of both the language that needs to be interchanged (SMILE) and an XML format for that language (XMILE). Central to the success of this standard is the idea of three increasing levels of compliance, only the lowest level (interchange of equations) being required of all vendors.









Version 3 - Jan 2011

Zip file containing SMILE/XMILE version 3 documents, plus sample models (January 2011).

See http://www.systemdynamics.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=79#p1019

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